March 06, 2001

Pickle Dilly Scarface

Throughout the past 3 years that I have been writting Way Weird I have gone to strange places, participated in strange traditions,eaten placenta stew, and have met some weird folks. But I must admit that of all the weird people out there that I have met, no one compares to the gentlemen that I met on Monday morning in New York City.

His name is Gunther Carssel, also known as "Pickle Dilly Scarface" on the street, or as I like to call him, "Earring Freak". And for all of you non-believers here is a picture of Pickle Dilly :
Pickle Dilly Scarface owns the U.S. record for most earrings on a human cranium; he has 2,879 earings all over his face and the back of his head. He and I sat down on a New York curb, ate some hot dogs, and chewed the fat, or as Pickle Dilly Scarface likes to call it : "Just talking with the Dilly-D without the ABCs".

I asked him what it was like to live the life of a freak show performer without being in a freak show, and his basic reply was:

"When I was growing up in Utah all of my classmates thought I was a
weirdo for having my ears pierced, so I thought to myself: Pickle Dilly Scarface needs to show them what a freak is. So I decided to pierce my face so extreme in hopes of making my classmates know who the freak show is."

But the piercings do not stop on this guy's face, he also has 643
piercings on his penis and scrotum; if you think that a prince charles sounds painful how does an entire Royal Family sound dispersed all over your genitalia. He had to say this about his pierced member:

"Some people like to collect stamps or re-build car engines, my hobby is no diiferent than theirs really, I just like to pierce my face and
perplex my genitalia with the metal objects. The last time I checked my watch I was still in America, and if I cannot pierce my body then send me to Communist Russia and execute me. This is my body."

Then as we approached his apartment door I saw something that if I
hadn't seen it I wouldn't have believed it; Pickle Dilly Scarface
unzipped his pants, pulled out his penis, and began unlocking his front door; on his penis he not only has earings, but also a key ring. That's right folks, all of his keys are connected to his penis, and to make things even more strange he has a can-opener and a lead acid battery charger pierced to his penis. Before I had a chance to ask him why on earth he needs a can - opener pierced to his penis I saw him open up two cans of tuna fish.

I must admit that Pickle Dilly Scarface is a weird guy, but he is also a great person full of life.