April 19, 2003

Today's Topics

1) Has Reality TV Gone Too Far?

2) Most Disturbing

3) Weird Facts

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Has Reality TV Gone Too Far?

A new British "Reality" television show has been placed on hold due to a huge lawsuit.

The show, titled "The World's Most Outrageous Pranks, British Style", is a hidden camera show that may have crossed the line. If you're familiar with the Sci-Fi show "Scare Tactics", then you have a sense of what this show is like, but it's much more shocking.

The show is being sued by the family of Martha Wrigsley for $2.8 million. Ms. Wrigley, an 84 year old women died from a heart attack that the family claims occurred because of the show. Ms. Wrigsley was being filmed by the hidden camera show when she suffered her heart attack, but the show's executive producer, Arnie Spendangle, claims that the women would have died of a heart attack that day even if the hidden camera show wasn't involved.

The hidden camera gag that the show was playing on Ms. Wrigsley dealt with actor Timothy Carmenly pretending to be a door-to-door salesman of vacuum cleaners. The gag involved Carmenly trying to sell the deceased Wrigsley a new vacuum by showing her how it would work on her rug. Once he was in the house he waited for her to leave the room and come back with a cup of tea for him. When she returned in the room what she saw Timothy Carmenly doing caused her to trip over a chair leg and land directly on her head. Doctors say that the trauma caused to her head led to the heart attack that ended her life.

Here is a still photo of what Timothy Carmenly was doing that caused the 84 year old to trip:

Arnie Spendangle claims that "The gag was bloody brilliant and if the old bitty was watching her step she never would have tripped. You can't blame us for the death of an elderly harlot who doesn't know how the furniture in her flat is arranged. All we wanted was the priceless facial expression of an old women seeing a man vacuum up his testicles, but instead we're slapped with a lawsuit. Bloody frivolous if you ask me".

The show is also under criticism for another hidden camera prank that it pulls on two garbage men. A hidden camera follows two unsuspecting garbage men who empty a trash can and find the remains of 5 aborted human fetuses. Arnie Spendagle claims once again that it's entertainment that cannot be matched, "Yes, people are crying like a bunch of school girls about our show being inhumane and cruel, but once you see the scared looks on the garbage men's faces when they see the fetuses you're going to say how bloody brilliant and funny it is."

Another situation that the show captures via hidden camera deals with a father receiving a gift box at his door. The card attached to the gift reads "You thought that your son was at school today didn't you Sammy?". Inside the box is a fake bloody cut off head of what the man thinks is his son's. The hidden cameras catch the man falling on the ground in tears holding the fake head to his chest. The next thing you see is the man's wife walking up to him holding their 7 year old son alive in her arms laughing and pointing to a van that has a camera in it. The man stands up and begins to laugh also now knowing that he was a victim of a practical joke. But can you call that humorous entertainment the same way that Arnie Spendangle does? Is this the same humor that we saw on Alan Funt's "Candid Camera"?

What are your thoughts on today's "Reality" TV? Do you think that it crosses the line in order to receive high ratings?

Email us your thoughts: wayweird_ezine@hotmail.com

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Most Disturbing

Which of the following 2 images is more disturbing than the other?
We have a new Champion this week. Let's see if the Champion can turn your stomach inside and out once again, or maybe the Challenger will make you feel more ill. Here we go!

Challenger: "Open Wide...Really, Really Wide. Seriously."

We cannot really put into words what you are about to see. It is weird. It is strange. It is odd. The women that you're about to see charges men $25 - $35 to do this:

Champion: "Eye Trouble"

What you're about to see is a great reminder why you shouldn't fall asleep with contacts in your eyes:

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Weird Facts

Two of these following three facts are true. Which one is false?

1) Until 1967, LSD was legal in California!

2) 15 million blood cells are destroyed in the human body every second!

3) Canada was the very first country to ever use postcards!

Last week's false fact:

* Darker beards grow faster than blonde beards!

*Actually, blonde beards grow faster than darker beards!

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