June 24, 2003

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If you're new to the Way Weird then please enjoy today's issue, because you're about to embark on a journey that you have never experienced!

Today's Topics:

1) Reader Feedback

2) Extreme Cigarette Quitting

3) What's More Disturbing

4) Weird Facts

Reader Feedback

We receive thousands of emails each week, and here are just a few that we would like to share with all of you!

This email was sent to us by a sweetheart of a woman named Krystal from Long Island, NY:

"Your site is a f****ing disgrace to the world. You show nothing but filth and trash. I went into your archives and downloaded a movie that I thought was going to be funny. But oh no, humorous it was not. For the first time in my 42 years I was exposed to a group of young gals eating raw s*** from each others asses. All of you bastards who have anything to do with the wayweird.com will be eating the s*** straight out of Satan's ass when you rot in hell you mother f******.

I hope that a Democrat like Hillary Clinton will become President in 2004 and pass legislation to stop websites like yours from being allowed to be on the Internet. Disgrace..Disgrace..Disgrace. And anyone who visits your site will also end up in Hell!"

*Well thank you very much for the kind words Krystal. We see that you have been touched by the Way Weird, and we will be very sad to see you go. If you're wondering what movie clip that she's talking about you can watch it if you press here.
It is one of our classics, and we're sure that you've probably seen it before if you've been subscribed for a while,

This next email come from John H. out of Pittsburgh:

"Oh my God!!! I just saw something on your site that made me so sick that I almost vomitted on my keyboard! This site rocks! Keep it gross!!!!!"

*Just for you John we will do our best to make the site more and more gross each week.

The following email is from Gary Richards out of Boston, MA:

"Thanks for creating those great greeting cards. When do you plan on coming out with any new ones? And thanks for the free gift that I get for sending them to my friends, they all love them."

*Gary, we try to come out with a new WayWeird Greeting card each week. You can send your friends our latest one if you press here.

As you can see, it's probably our most disturbing one yet!

This final email comes from Belinda from Tucson, AZ:

"I just want to thank you for not shoving advertisements down our throats anymore. the website and ezine use to be filled with all kinds of ads, and now you seem to only have a few ads, and the ones that you do have are actually something beneficial to me as an Internet surfer. I actually ran that free spyware and adware remover scan and I found out that my computer was infected with adware and spyware. It's pretty neat. Thank you, and send me more issues more often..I love your s***!!!!!!"

*Yes Belinda we are running less and less advertisements in the Way Weird. It seems as if the Internet is one huge advertisement, and although it is advertising that keeps us afloat, we understand that our readers are more important! The product that Belinda is talking about can be viewed if you press here.

Well that's all the emails we have to share. If you'd like to write in to us with any of your comments please email them to us at this address: contact@wayweird.com

Extreme Cigarette Quitting

If you're addicted to cigarettes then you know how difficult it can be to quit. There's a doctor by the name of Gerard McCarthly that is starting to become more and more scrutinized for the practices that he is using in order to help people quit smoking.

Dr. McCarthly's practice is located in Germany, and is soon going to start a quit smoking practice in France, Ireland, and possibly in Canada.

Unlike the more popular ways of quitting smoking such as nicotine gum supplements or the patch, Dr. McCarthly uses tactics that cause harm to the smoker who is trying to quit if they smoke. We interviewed Dr. McCarthly and he has offered us a few images from his treatments, what you are going to see may be too much to handle, so viewer discretion is advised.

Way Weird Editor: "Dr. McCarthly, do you find your treatment to be too extreme?"

Dr. McCarthly: "Well yes. It is quite extreme, but the individual signs up for the treatment, and is not forced into receiving it."

Way Weird Editor: "Please explain to my readers how the treatment works."

Dr. McCarthly: "It will be my pleasure, perhaps some of them who smoke may want me to treat them. If someone wants to quit smoking they must stay in one of our rooms for 3 weeks. The room contains a refrigerator with 21 days worth of food and water. Then we have on a table 21 packs of cigarettes and a lighter...."

Way Weird Editor: "Let me interrupt you for a second. If they're trying to quit smoking don't you think that it's too tempting to place packs of cigarettes in the same room as them?"

Dr. McCarthly: "Of course it's tempting. This is the nature of the treatment. Let's say that I have a male patient and they decide to take one of the cigarettes and smoke it, we immediately enter the room and begin beating him until he can barely move. We then remove him from his clothes and strap him to a bed. It is here where the real psychological benefit of my treatment occur. The man's penis is tied to a mouse trap and we slowly burn the head of the addicted penis with a cigarette. I tell you this, the patient will not pick up another smoke for the remaining 3 weeks."

Way Weird Editor: "What about female patients?"

Dr. McCarthly: "Basically the same procedure, but since women don't have penises we mutilate their nipples with wood beams and needles to curb their cravings. Women and men do not want their sexual organs mutilated, and this is what makes the treatment so successful. Lung cancer is not a joke, and any idiot that will pick up a cigarette is basically holding a gun to their own head and slowly pulling the trigger. I spit on people that smoke."

We at first thought that Dr. McCarthly was just teasing us, so I asked him the following question:

Way Weird Editor: "Are you joking around with me?"

Dr. McCarthly's answer: "No."

He then emailed us the following images of actual patients receiving treatment:

Male patient:


Female patient:


Dr. McCarthly explained that he's only treated 22 people so far, and about 75% of them have quit smoking for good. On another note, the German government does not condone the practices of Dr. McCarthly, and will not allow health insurance to cover the costs of his treatment.

Personally, if I were addicted to nicotine I'd really give the patch a few attempts before I'd sign up to receive treatment from Dr. McCarthly.

What's More Disturbing

Please vote for one of the following two images that you think is the more disturbing of the two.

Please send votes to: contact@wayweird.com

Challenger #1

This young man was born with a rare disease that causes the human foot to outgrow the rest of the body. Press Here to see what his feet look like!

Challenger #2

This man was found guilty in a Arabic court for stealing the bike of his neighbor. Press Here to find out his punishment.

Weird Facts

Two of these following three facts are true. Which one is false?

1) A sea turtle has the largest penis of any other animal in relation to its size!

2) A female ferret can die if she goes into heat and cannot find a mate!

3) A leech has 32 brains!

Last Week's False Fact:

*King Tut's Tomb is the single most studied artifact in human history!

Actually, the Shroud of Turin is the single most studied artifact in human history!