July 11, 2003

You are about to enter another issue of the Way Weird. Like always, what you are about to see may make you sick, and it'll make you cringe. And we do this because we know how much you love it!

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Today's Topics:

1) Teacher Forced To Resign

2) What's More Disturbing

3) World Record Broken

4) Weird Facts

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Teacher Forced To Resign

A former substitute teacher in Washington D.C., Charles Armstley, is suing the District of Columbia school board because he claims that he was forced to resign from his substitute teaching position.

Charles Armstley's lawyer explained to the school board that his client's forced resignation has placed such a negative light on his career that he's having difficulties finding a teaching position in other school districts.

Armstley was quoted in a DC paper saying, "I've been forced to leave what I love because of the way I look and because of what I use to believe in. Yes, I was a member of a racist organization, but that was way back in 1998, and since then I have changed my outlook on life; I no linger take part in hate crimes, and I haven't said a racial slur in months. I use to fail students who were not Caucasian, but that is all in my past, and the school board needs to move on and and not discriminate against a man because of his past".

The school board argues that Armstley's appearance is a problem with the district because it has caused students to not show up for his classes when he substitutes. Here is a photo of Mr. Armstley that the board has supplied the paper:

Armstley's lawyer is upset at the photo because he claims that, "The photo of my client is an outrage because he wears a top hat in class that covers the tattoos on his eyebrows, and a turtleneck during the winter that covers up the nazi tattoo on his neck which he is a shamed of. That photo is an injustice. Unless a student sees my client smoking a cigarette between class periods he/she will never see many of his tats."

What are your comments on this story? Would you want your children exposed to a teacher like Charles Armstley?

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What's More Disturbing

Please vote for one of the following two images that you think is the more disturbing of the two.

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This man was found guilty in a Arabic court for stealing the bike of his neighbor. Press Here to find out his punishment.


We don't know exactly what is going on here, but it's pretty gross:

Are There Beautiful/Handsome Singles in Your Neighborhood

If you're tired of looking for love at the bars, clubs, grocery stores, and sandwich delis, then it's time to find a lover that is also looking to find love!

Press here to view actual pictures from singles that live in your neighborhood.

World Record Broken

We would like to congratulate Kenny Hillenbright. He is the new world record holder for the longest crow bar mustache:

The previous record holder used egg whites to keep the mustache stiff, but you won't believe what Kenny uses to keep his crow bar stiff. Kenny actually uses horse seaman to keep the mustache stiff.

Weird Facts

Two of these following three facts are true. Which one is false?

1) Acorns were used as a coffee substitute during the American Civil War!

2) All the Krispy Kreme donut stores collectively could make a doughnut stack as high as the Empire State Building in only 2 minutes!

3) Americans collectively eat two hundred pounds of chocolate every second!

Last Week's False Fact:

*A sea turtle has the largest penis of any other animal in relation to its size.

*Actually, a barnacle has the largest penis of any other animal in relation to its size.